Castillo del Mar Spendenaktion

Situation of the Castillo del Mar today


Here is the Castillo del Mar- closed for the last 2 years- braving the weather, the vandalism and the officials, who are sitting at their tables in Madrid and have no idea how important this contemporary witness has become for Vallehermoso, for Gomera, for the Canaries, for all visitors and the locals.


Refusing permission and not satisfing the law, which allows the Castillo to be open for 30 years - extendable for another 30 years- the Castillo has no right or claim to get an electric supply. As a result, after the break down of the three private generators, it has become impossible to run the Castillo anymore.


A gem out of former times, with an exciting history, after being built up without subsidies, the Castillo became an attraction for all visitors to the island and a meetimg point for all locals.


And now? The village is lying quiet still. And their wonderfull building stands empty and lonely on the beach.


TV reports by ARTE,RTVE and Canal Canarias have shown exciting events and have referred to concerts, theaters, lightshows, markets and the introduction of exquisite island products - especially the Banano Brut, a sparkling wine with banana taste. This coverage is an inextinguishable witness, along with more then a half a million visitors who have had the chance to enjoy all of this. Now they stand in front of closed doors every day- uncomprehending!


More than 20 thousand people have signed for the re-opening of the Castillo!


How can it be that the coastal authorities have so much power to go against the interests of a whole island? Is there so much ignorance in our time?


They say it is difficult to get tourists to visit the north side of the island. The Castillo del Mar has been a main acttraction point which has filled the valley with thousands of visitors. In every travel guide one can read about this inimitable location.
How great is the dissapointment one feels standing in front of closed doors!


Nobody can understand! That is why we, the friends of the Castillo del Mar, fight with all our power for the right to exist – even up to the European Court of Justice.


Everybody can help! Even with the smallest donation. Then a lot help a lot! We need your support to open the doors of the castillo again.