Rescue the Castillo del Mar


"Circulo de amigos del Mar" is an international group of people raising funds to rescue the Castillo del Mar in Vallehermoso, on the island of La Gomera, in the Canary Islands. We are urgently asking for your help in rescuing this inimitable cultural stage in the Atlantic.


We are fighting against the arbitrariness of the costal authorities who have unlawfully closed our historical building, and we will fight, if needed, even up to the European Court of Justice.


Legal Situation:


Since July 2001 we have formally and properly requested from the coastal authorities the necessary concessions for running a museum and a gallery for cultural events.


Despite having all claimed documents and projects approved, the concession was not granted until today, in December, right at the end of 2010!


After the break down of the third and very expensive power generator, all paid for exclusively from privately raised funds, it has become practically impossible to run the Castillo del Mar.


How can it be that the coastal authorities have so much power to go against the interests of a whole island?


The history of the Castillo del Mar

Situation of the Castillo del Mar today 

Video Photo gallery Castillo del Mar

Appeal for Financial Support:


Please help us to rescue the Castillo del Mar.With your financial support we can win our court case before the European Court of Justice with our lawyer Jose Ortega, who specializes in coastal rights.